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Some of our products include:

  • Wine Barrels
  • Rain Barrels
  • Planters

Please contact us for wholesale pricing. 

Barrels are available for rent from the following local  companies:

1. Crown Rental
2. Midway Party Rental

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Unloading one last wine barrel in Austin, MN
Beautiful used recycled wine barrels
A ful load of wine barrels, rain barrels, and planters
Close-up of future rain barrels
Wisconsin Homebrewer

Rain Barrel (59 gallons)                                 
$225 plus tax 
These are by far our top seller. Our rain barrels are made from one of our premium wine barrels. They come fully assembled with a brass spigot at the bottom and an overflow fitting at the top, all of which fit any standard garden hose. 

They also come with a custom downspout connector that fits both 2"x3" and 3"x4" downspouts. The connector is equipped with a screen to ensure debris stays out of your barrel and bugs stay in! Measurements are the same as the wine barrels below.

Red Wine Barrel (59 gal.)                        
 $150 plus tax 

These are neutral red wine barrels and are great for home woodworking project and for brewing, or as a conversation piece. We sell only premium wine barrels. This means they are in superb condition and come straight from the wineries.  

Each barrel is unique with it's own character and wine staining. They measure 34-37" tall and 26-29" wide. The tops are 22"-24" in diameter. They weigh about 120lbs.
Our used wine barrels are great for homebrewing/beer making

Half-Barrel Planter:                                           
$75.00 plus tax 

0ur planters are made only from premium barrels. The barrels are cut in half and the edges are smoothed with a router. They have holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. (Plants and dirt not included...)

You may have seen wine or whiskey barrel planters at your local garden store. They are usually old and dried out so you can feel the planter move as you pick it up. Ours are nothing like that! By using only premium barrels we ensure strong, sturdy, and beautiful planters that can last for decades! Our planters are about 18" tall and 26.5" wide.

Our focus is on quality. All of our barrels come direct from vineyards and are 100% white Oak. If you like what you see and would like to check them out in person, please click "where to buy" above for a list of locations and contact information. 

Thanks for checking out our site and hopefully we'll see you soon!
Premium Rain Barrel made from used wine barrels in MN
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They make beautiful Stave art and furniture from our barrels.
By the Barrel now has 2 pick-up locations!

We have added a
 Long Lake/Orono/Wayzata location
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Not everyone has room for a garden! Our 1/2 barrel planters work perfect for tomatoes, herbs, fairy garden, lettuce garden, or to display flowers. planters are  $75.00 plus tax and will last for years.